The World of Yuji Okada

Rasti Fine Art is pleased to present this capsule collection by Yuji Okada (1948-2022), a lacquer artist who lived and worked in Kyoto. I first met Okada-san through a friend when I was searching for someone who can repair a set of Junyao wares with kintsugi (‘golden joinery’). It was not until I saw his works of boxes, tea bowls, and vases at his studio that I realized I was in the presence of a master craftsman. Not only was his work collected by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, but he also collaborated in 2013 with Chanel on their Plume de Chanel collection. I was humbled that he did not deem my request beneath him.

Despite our language barrier, Okada-san and I we connected through our mutual love of antiquities and an appreciation for the imperfect. On subsequent visits, I would show him small agate and jade pebbles that I have collected over the years. I believed his lacquer artistry would breathe new life into these objects. These works are the results of his creativity.