Rasti Fine Art, formerly known as Rasti Chinese Art, is dedicated to inspiring audiences with the finest Chinese and Islamic artworks, as well as exceptional contemporary pieces by some of Asia’s most notable artists.

Nader Rasti’s distinguished career began at Christie’s London in 1986, where he became an auctioneer and eventually the Director of the Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art department. In 2000, he co-founded Knapton Rasti Asian Art in London with Christopher Knapton, originally located on Kensington Church Street before relocating to Duke Street, St. James’s. Responding to a growing clientele from Asia, Nader established Rasti Chinese Art in 2013 on Hong Kong’s renowned Hollywood Road.

Rasti Fine Art is celebrated for its specialization in Chinese jade, hardstone carvings, and sculpture, establishing itself as a tastemaker that transcends market trends. The gallery’s annual exhibitions and meticulously published catalogues are highly anticipated by collectors, curators, and scholars alike. Nader Rasti’s exhibitions, such as those focusing on Chinese Tang, Song, and Yuan dynasty jade animal carvings in the early 2000s, have spotlighted areas previously overlooked. More recently, his 2019 exhibition on Buddhist and Daoist art highlighted the profound beauty and significance of fresco paintings and sculptures.

The contemporary artists represented by the gallery share a timeless literati aesthetic, seamlessly blending various mediums—from photography to ink on paper—creating a continuous dialogue between historical and modern works.

Rasti Fine Art has exhibited at numerous prestigious international art fairs, including Asian Art in London, Asia Week New York, and Fine Art Asia in Hong Kong. The gallery is also a proud member of The British Antique Dealers’ Association (BADA) and the Asian Art Society.

Through its dedication to showcasing both historical and contemporary art, Rasti Fine Art continues to inspire and captivate audiences, fostering an enduring appreciation for the cultural and artistic heritage of Asia.